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Using Transcendental Meditation to heighten vibrations and prevent disasters.

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Author Topic: Using Transcendental Meditation to heighten vibrations and prevent disasters.  (Read 358 times)
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Scientific research on the Maharishi effect.

Effects on City Life
Using Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis of predicted threshold, scientists in 1984 found a 22% reduction in homicide when the group of Yogic Flyers exceeded the predicted threshold. Researchers in 1987 used Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis of a 5-month intervention period compared to pre- and post-intervention baselines, and found that when the creating coherence group (Yogic Flyers) surpassed the square root of one per cent of the population of Metro Manila in the Philippines, there was a significant (p < .005) decrease in crime.

Effects on State and Provincial Life
Another researcher found in 1990 that a significant decline in crime rate, traffic fatality rate, and unemployment (also combined in an index) in the state of Iowa, USA, as a result of the coherence creating group at Maharishi International University (p’s < .05 for each variable). This researcher employed Box-Jenkins time series transfer function analysis of the effect of group size on quality of life.

Effects on National Life
A number of studies have demonstrated significant effects on the quality of life in an entire nation from a coherence creating group. These include decreased crime and accident rates in Holland during three intervention periods (all p’s < .025); increase in the British stock market index (1983); using Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis, researchers in the U.S.A. found a decrease (p = .005) in traffic fatalities when a coherence creating group in Iowa exceeded the square root of one per cent of the nation’s population (1984).

Effects on Neighboring Countries
Employing Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis of the effect of the TM-Sidhi group, a researcher found that the influence of a creating coherence group in the United States not only reduced Okun’s Misery Index (the sum of monthly inflation and unemployment rates) in the United States, but also in its neighboring country Canada. However, he noted that the effect was larger in the United States than in Canada, underscoring the need for every nation to maintain its own group.

Other researchers found that as the size of a creating coherence group increased in Jerusalem, it began to first influence the city, then the nation of Israel, and then its neighboring country Lebanon. This study measured a composite index including war intensity and war deaths in Lebanon, Israeli national mood and national stock index, auto accident rates, number of fires, and crime rates for both Jerusalem and Israeli; it employed Box-Jenkins time series analysis using impact assessment, cross correlation, and transfer function analyses of the creating coherence group size on all variables and indices.

Effects on International Conflict and Quality of Life
Studies have found that the Maharishi Effect creates a profound effect on International conflicts. A study of U.S. relations with the former Soviet Union between 1985 and 1987 found that when the size of the coherence-creating group at Maharishi International University exceeded the square root of one per cent of the U.S. population, there was in the following weeks a significant improvement in the actions of the United States toward the U.S.S.R.; in addition, studies have found decreased conflict in troubled areas of the world, and decreased war deaths and injuries and significant progress toward peace in Lebanon.

The Global Maharishi Effect
One of the most significant areas of research on the Maharishi Effect is the effect of a creating-coherence group of Yogic Flyers on the entire world. In December of 1983, Maharishi International University hosted a three-week assembly for participants in Maharishi’s TM-Sidhi programme. Participants attended from all parts of the world, creating the first group in excess of 7,000 (the square root of one per cent of the world’s population). Using a variety of statistical techniques appropriate to the different data sets (including chi-square contingency table analysis and Box-Jenkins time series impact assessment analysis), researchers found a number of positive changes in the quality of life throughout the world, including increased positivity in trouble-spot areas (p < .002), increased progress towards peace in Lebanon (p < .006), and increase in the World Index of stock prices (p < .00004).

These studies clearly indicate the powerful influence available through the collective practice of Maharishi’s TM and TM-Sidhi Programme. With the creation of groups in all the nation’s of the world, there will be a phase transition of world consciousness leading to Heaven on Earth for all mankind. In this way, Heaven on Earth is being created through the complete scientific knowledge of Natural Law that is now available to everyone through the programmes of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology.

The most powerful way to create invincibility is through groups of Yogic Flyers, for it is through the group practice of Maharishi’s TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, that the quality of a nation’s collective consciousness can be most effectively improved. By creating enough groups throughout the world, every nation can enjoy invincibility, and the entire world will enjoy Heaven on Earth—life filled with happiness and success, free of problems and suffering, where every individual spontaneously lives in accord with Natural Law.

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