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Christ Conciousness. The experience of it.

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Author Topic: Christ Conciousness. The experience of it.  (Read 99 times)

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ti amo

« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 12:37:26 pm »

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« on: July 01, 2009, 08:42:03 am »

The essence of what Jesus went through can be summed up in this one sentence. "Forgive them for they know not what they are doing." The popular tale suggests that they must be forgiven for not knowing that they are crucifying the true son of God. What really went through Jesus' mind will never be known but I prefer the following: Unconditional compassion, love.

These people are doing it to themselves and they do not know it. We are one. What they are doing is inspired by their own fears and the fears of the leaders of the time. It means that they are operating from within one of their own self made illusions that they as yet cannot see through. I forgive them for that. I would also suggest that Jesus was in Pain and having an argument with himself.

In order to forgive I must have judged you unfairly. Jesus would not do that and hence no forgiveness is needed but in the agony of torture and pain it is a real test to stay true to your belief. In forgiving he was correcting himself for judging them or the treatment he got from them.

The way to not give energy away when one is being tested is the way of unconditional love. Parent to child in love. Now this is NOT superior to inferior with judgment. It would seem that way to the untrained observer. The thought pattern in your mind is one of the following:

First up I know that the essence of man is good. Every man in his heart of hearts wishes to be good. If there were no illusions to fear for, we would all be good to one another. To the one arguing with me and drawing out my energy I would think the following: I know that given this moment and how you were bought up and the stuff that you believe, this is your highest truth. I know that you will not see my truth and can only argue yours.

I feel sad for you because there are less painful truths for you to choose. Your agony is mine and yet I cannot be any other than what I am. I am not the cause of your pain. I am that I am, and in relation to that you wish to see me as the reason for your discomfort.  That is your error and I wish for you that you will one day see trough your error and get to your own salvation.

I love you dearly and desire that you stop causing yourself so much agony with this viewpoint. I know that me saying this will cause you even more pain. You will get angry with the fear of an unknown way to process this the way I do. With dearness I feel deeply sorry for you for choosing to feel the way you do about what is happening now. You can choose other reactions that will bring you less disharmony inside.

This thought pattern above could appear very sarcastic and uncaring if you don't read it with the right frame of reference. Anyhow this is a "Jesus like" approach to life that one can sometimes maintain for a while. This above is only part of how you feel. Furthermore you love every person and being whether they are for or against you does not matter.

You love and forgive the deeds of those who are against you with the same love you would have for a stray kitten that bites you when you try to catch it in the gutter to bring it home and care for it. You try your very best to understand that people who act against you are only operating from another frame of reference and you take nothing personal. You feel like a representative of a collective creator being who looks at the world with compassion.

With this frame of mind any incident that happens is an empowering one. Nothing can put you down or disturb your inner harmony. You cannot be drawn into dis-empowering arguments because you do not buy into others systems and beliefs that easily. Even full out judgment and attack gets met with dearness and love and understanding from you. It is also a very non-ego state to be in because nothing earthly really bothers you. You don't care for earthly possessions or anything that you are not.

What matters most is what you take with you when it all disappears. It is like knowing that soon you are going to wake up from this dream that you thought was life. You realize that everything here was lent to you for the duration of the dream and not really all that important. Not really worth arguing about. In this state the universe acts through you. You sometimes say things that you at other times would not understand.

Spontaneously you read thoughts and act on them. Synchronicity happens when it feels like the things that happen randomly was pre destined (and they are) You meet the right person, you happen to have the right amount of money when you happen to see the right book that will give you the right idea. You happen to walk in on a conversation at the right time etc. This is the magic state where the universe makes you an instrument and you just awfully accept it. Living in bliss. You don't care about anything because it is being taken care of by a higher power before it becomes urgent.

We can all live in this state because it is a state of thought. It is an unconditional state. This means that not only are you unconditional but also that there are no conditions for being in this state. There is nothing you need to do to get into this state. You get there by instant choice and you are there. Sometimes I think that we get tired of acting our (Own God created) drama and return to the source to rest. Then we let God take over and we just follow His will and let Him take care of the details. To the outside world you look very much the same and act very much like anyone else but inside you are on a holiday just observing and absorbing this pure bliss playing out in perfect harmony.

Love and gentle harmony be with you.
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